Our Planet Needs Recycling

Globally, approximately 53.6 million metric tons of electronic waste was generated in 2019, with only 17.4% being recycled. Improper disposal of e-waste leads too toxic chemicals contaminating soil and water, posing health risks to humans and ecosystems. Let'sunite in recycling e-waste to save our planet. Your actions matter in preserving the environment andpromoting sustainability. Join the movement for a greener future!

Low carbon foot print, PFAS-Free & Recyclable Battery

Ebatte battery incorporates battery cells manufactured using GRST's PFAS-free production technology, resulting in a 40% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries. Ebatte battery can be recycled using GRST's water-based recycling technology, enabling the recovery of valuable materials from the battery in a straightforward and environmentally sustainable manner.

Digital Battery Passport

Ebatte battery comes with a digital battery passport that allows for easy tracking of the battery's entire lifecycle data. This passport facilitates the identification and categorization of different battery types, which in turn promotes efficient recycling and reuse processes.

Recycling Rewards

We will incentivize consumers to participate in recycling through Recycling Rewards. By offering rewards such as discounts, vouchers, or other incentives, we aim to encourage active involvement in recycling efforts, promoting environmental sustainability and resource conservation.

Lifetime Warranty

Unleash the power of confidence with our battery products boasting a Lifetime Warranty! Elevate your energy game with our top-notch batteries, backed by a lifetime of quality assurance. Embrace the freedom of worry-free power and experience excellence that lasts a lifetime.


Kindly be advised that we are unable to receive items that fall outside the specified range or items that are not ebatte products. In the event that a custormer inadvertently returns a non-ebatte product, ebatte cannot ensure its return to the customer. If the local authorities are able to assist, please request their support.

We provide recycling services in the US/DE/UK. Please return theproduct to the specified address.
437 N Baldwin Park Blvd City of Industry, CA 91746
170, Triumph way, Triumph Business Parkliverpool, L24 9GQ

Should there be any unique situations, please reach out to customer service for guidance at support@ebatte.com.